For player and spectator safety and to ensure the success of every event, is vitally important that every VCJGA Member & Parent/Guardian review and abide by the following policies before participating in any tournaments.  These policies are based are two guiding principals: Our commitment to development of junior golfers and delivery of the highest quality golf tournaments conducted in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf. 

Playing in the VCJGA is a privilege (not a right).  The VCJGA requires both the player and the parent/guardian to take on several responsibilities on to ensure the tournaments are fair, equitable, safe and enjoyable for all.  Failure to adhere to the following policies may result immediate disqualification, and/or expulsion without warning.

  1. Members, guests and their parents are required to sign a Code of Conduct & Character before being cleared for play.  Golf etiquette is a very important part of the game of golf and therefore, a serious breach of etiquette may result in disqualification (Rule 33-7).  Any misconduct or conduct unbecoming behavior by a competitor or their parent/guardian may result in immediate disqualification and/or expulsion without warning.  Whether a good or bad round of golf has been played, it is in poor taste to whine, complain or brag about it.

  2. The VCJGA conducts its golf tournaments by the USGA Rules of Golf for Junior Golfers.  VCJGA Hard Card (Rules utilized for each event); Local Rules and Conditions of the Competition (Rules specific to a current event) are also in effect.  Player's are responsible to know and apply the rules of golf.  NOTE: You are a "Junior Golfer" until our final August tournament after high school graduation.

  3. VERY IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: ONLY A VCJGA RULES OFFICIAL MAY GET INVOLVED IN ANY SITUATION ON THE COURSE                           A spectator/parent getting involved will only TARNISH THE INTEGRITY OF THE TOURNAMENT - Please give plenty of space to ALL PLAYERS and ONLY allow our highly trained Rules Officials to handle the contest. 

  4. Members may be required to attend a 2-hour seminar (Golf 101).  It is the responsibility of each competitor (Rule 1.3) to know and apply the rules of golf.  This seminar will help all that attend to better understand and apply the rules of golf and VCJGA Policy. 

  5. Spectators are required to adhere to the Spectator Code  of Conduct Policy.  Please note the Parent tab on our home page.  This is important information about the VCJGA's expectations of spectators, parents and volunteers.  Parents that desire to help are encouraged to Volunteer their time to the VCJGA.  We have many duties that you can help with; and they all enhance the overall experience of the tournament for ALL the players.  It is up to each golf facility whether or not to permit spectators onto the golf course; and whether or not to charge a fee for going onto the course.  A spectator that goes onto the golf course is solely responsible to be courteous and follow not only VCJGA Spectator Code of Conduct policy, but also to observe the golf course rules/policies.  STAY/WALK ON THE CART PATH AND DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THE PLAYERS - Those that cannot follow VCJGA Policy will be removed from the course; and the Board of Directors will decide if you will be permitted to spectate in future VCJGA Tournaments.

  6. Golf carts are NOT permitted for spectators (parents/guardians).  In limited situations a cart may be used based upon availability of the host course: If you possess state/federal Handicap credentials or have a cast on your leg/foot.  If you are injured, you will be asked to provide the VCJGA for a doctors note explaining your limitations and how long your healing process is expected to be.    

    IMPORTANT: If you have had surgery or have a legitimate injury that prevents you from walking, It is your responsibility to contact the Director of Tour Operations in advance of the tournament you would like to spectate ( so that a decision can be made; and then your name will be put on a list for the golf shop - DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT FIRST COMMUNICATING YOUR NEED.  Please do not bypass the VCJGA to secure a cart as it may cause removal from the course for the remainder of the tournament.  DO NOT SHUTTLE ANY PLAYER WITHOUT PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.


  7. USGA Rule 8-1 - Advice pertains to parents as well as competitors and a breach will result in a two stroke penalty on the player - without warning.  Please respect any Course Policy as we need the courses more than the courses need the VCJGA.  If parents/spectators are too close or too involved with a junior golfer, they will be asked to leave golf course.  Failure to comply will result in their junior golfer's disqualification, suspension up to and including expulsion from the VCJGA.  USGA Rule 33-1 - The Committee waives the use of caddies (Rule 6-4) for all VCJGA stroke play tournaments (penalty is disqualification).  No one but the player (Rules Official) shall handle a players bag/clubs.

  8. Pace of Play is extremely important to the VCJGA and the courses that we visit.  It is also a USGA Rule!  Pace of Play guidelines are posted at each event and can vary from event to event.  The VCJGA Rules Officials will do what is necessary to facilitate an acceptable Pace of Play.  Please do not get involved unless asked.

  9. All competitors should Check-In a minimum of 60-minutes prior to their scheduled starting time; and must report to their starting hole a minimum of 5-minutes prior to their scheduled starting time.  Competitors will be given official scorecards, rules and other important instructions on their starting hole.

  10. Each competitor is responsible to carry their clubs or use a hand cart (no caddies or motorized carts permitted).  Competitors are not permitted to ride in golf carts unless being shuttled by an official shuttle or rules official.  Injured (recovering) players must be cleared by a medical doctor prior to entry into a tournament assuring they can walk the course; and handle their bag (carry or hand cart) while playing.  Player's should take care not to leave their equipment unattended and are responsible for any lost or stolen items.


  • Membership is open to all junior golfers from age 8 until the day they begin college.

  • If you reside in Ventura, Los Angeles, Kern, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo County, you MUST* become a VCJGA member to play.  The non-member guest fee is reserved for those players that visit from outside these counties.

  • * = Player's outside of Ventura County will given one opportunity to play as a guest.  After that, they must join the VCJGA to compete in more events.

  • Membership fees are for the Season (September through August) and are non-refundable. 



Different tours and tournaments are designed to accommodate different Player abilities.​  While we're confident that all juniors with ample practice, could complete at our most competitive level we want juniors to enter the tournaments at at level that will be enjoyable and build their confidence.

If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Tour Operations at:

  • NO Qualifying is necessary, but to compete in tournaments, VCJGA Tour Member is expected to have the knowledge, ability and experience to play a competitive round of golf within the VCJGA Pace of Play guidelines, without assistance and according to the USGA rules and etiquette of the game and the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character.  

  • The VCJGA is not the place to play your first round of golf.  If you are getting started in the game of golf, you can follow our suggestions to gain confidence and skills.  This means that they MUST already be able to play golf on there own, able to advance the ball in the air reliably and consistently necessary to navigate and compete on the golf course.  If you have ANY QUESTIONS regarding this, please contact: to make certain your junior golfer (and you) are ready for the VCJGA.

  • We recommend a minimum of ten (10) 18-hole rounds have been played on a regulation course prior to registering for VCJGA tournament play (MiniTour should have ten (10), 9-hole rounds of golf completed before starting VCJGA tournament play). Working with a parent or preferably a certified golf coach will help you to prepare to play tournament golf.  It is important that golfers are self sufficient/reliant; able to navigate the course without assistance (hand carts are OK); have a basic knowledge of the rules of golf and etiquette.  Pace of play will be closely monitored at each event.  If you have questions, please contact our Director of Tour Operations at:

  • Boys and Girls should be able to score a minimum of one round in each tournament within 30-strokes of the course rating.  Beyond that, it is not fun. More important, you must be able to maintain Pace of play. Members who fail repeatedly to maintain Pace of Play may be suspended.  It's not that we don't want you to play but rather, we are committed to upholding the standards of the entire field.  


  • Tournaments are played to scratch, with no handicaps.  You should familiarize yourself with the VCJGA policies as play is always conducted in accordance with the United States Golf Association Rules of Golf, and the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character.  Entry into a tournament is not guaranteed and some special events may have requirements that need to be met in order to participate.

  • If you have any questions about the USGA Rules of Golf, we encourage you to ask because ignorance of any rule will not change the penalty.

  • Tournament scores are posted immediately onto the website and the recap and points are posted within 48-hours of event completion. Player of the Year Points for each event are posted in the entry detail.

  • The VCJGA believes that the reward for playing in tournaments include, experience, courage, perseverance, etc.  Only top finishers are Awarded a trophy or medal based upon division entry size:

    • 1st Place    (Must have at least 2 competitors)                                

    • 2nd Place   (Division must have 6 player minimum)          

    • 3rd Place   (Division must have 12 player minimum)

    • 4th Place   (Division must have 30 player minimum)

    • 5th Place   (Division must have 40 player minimum)

  • Ties for first place only are decided by a Playoff.  If a playoff cannot be reasonably accomplished, a chip-off or cardoff will decide the winner.  MiniTour playoff will be a chip-off.

  • All scores must be posted and approved prior to handing out awards.  If the player leaves the tournament site before knowing the complete results and/or fail to communicate with the Tournament Staff that you need to leave or can't wait for the presentation, you will FORFEIT THE AWARD.  Not communicating your inability to stay for the presentation will be viewed as a breach of sportsmanship and may be subject to suspention.  You will retain your finish and points.


  • Playing in a VCJGA tournament is not guaranteed.  Often, registrations exceed spots available. It is vitally important that each VCJGA member to register as early as possible to secure a spot in a given tournament.  Most tournaments may be entered 90-days in advance.  Many times, the maximum number of players for a particular event is met well in advance of the posted Registration Deadline. DON'T WAIT TO REGISTER JUST BEFORE THE DEADLINE - If you are planning on playing in a specific event, register early to be certain you are included in the field of competitors.




  • Open the Blue Golf Registration and login into Players Club (Top Left of Blue Golf Page) using your ID & PWD.

  • Select the tournament from the schedule that your division is offered to participate and click.  This will take you to the Tournament Information Page (TIP).

  • On the bottom right side of the TIP, you will see an icon to click for registration.  System will walk you through, step by step.

  • It will be parent/player responsibility to verify that your entry has processed by looking for your name on the TIP or checking e-mail verification of entry. If you do not receive an Entry Verification e-mail, it may not have processed.  If your Entry is Rejected, it must be taken care by the parent/player before the entry deadline.

  • The tournament Director will make every effort to help you if you first help yourself by planning in advance and entering early and verifying entry prior to the entry deadline.


  • Tee times are typically posted on-line four 3-4 days in advance of the first round. 

  • Times viewed on the Tournament Information Page (TIP) prior to being e-mailed to competitors are preliminary.  They become OFFICIAL once they are e-mailed to the field (limited circumstances could be cause for a revision of starting times). 36-hole & 54-hole tournaments will require re-pairing for the final round, players will need to check the web site for times prior to the next round.


  • We can make some special tee time consideration based on summer school obligations or for car pool purposes, however, you MUST communicate in advance of times being completed and e-mailed.

  • COMMUNICATE IN WRITING and in ADVANCE of pairings being completed and e-mailed.

  • Send Communication to:   -   If it is possible and if you contact in advance, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


First round pairings are determined with a variety of catagories, including:

  • Random draw

  • Length of VCJGA Membership

  • Number of tournaments played in a season

  • Past champions

  • Stroke Average

  • Top-10 finishes

  • Player of the Year points standing

  • National Rankings

  • Graduation year - Age - Maturity level

  • Pace of Play track record

General Attitude (things players need to learn to adapt to):

  • Playing with players that they don't know

  • Playing with players that are either much more or less skilled than them

  • Playing with someone they may not enjoy playing with