VCJGA Tournaments

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It's About Much More Than Golf

Golf is a game of competition among friends. It teaches life skills of patience, perseverance, respect for others and for rules of game, leadership, and humility. We encourage competitive matches but insist on honesty and encourage friendliness and respect for competitors. We help juniors to understand that it is not a game of perfect, that the best players have bad rounds, bad tournaments, and bad periods, but that skills and fun come from perseverance.


Every tournament includes a team of rules officials that help the juniors learn the rules, apply them to their advantage, and ensure that the tournament is fair. We include lunch in most of our tournaments because enjoying lunch together builds friendship. And we encourage pre-tournament practice rounds for juniors to both learn the course and get to know their fellow competitors.

Spectators are encouraged. For the younger juniors in the mini-tour, parents are encouraged to score and follow their child. the Junior Tour and Champions Tour do not include scorers but we do allow spectators as long as they keep a distance. We do not permit coaching of a junior player at any time during tournament play.

After over 50 years, we've found that juniors learn quicker and ultimately become better golfers when spectators including parents and coaches are not actively participating during the tournament. The golf rules do not permit obtaining any advice on the course during a tournament and it is to the juniors advantage to learn to play this way. But there's a more important reason: Juniors improve quicker when they are forced to resolve their challenges on their own. In high school, college, and advanced junior leagues players a penalized if they receive advice from anyone other than their caddie. We do recommend on-course parent / coaching but not during tournament play.

Ask any junior about spectators. They'll tell you that they want to learn themselves. And they do!