• Championship Girls (Ages 15-19)

  • Championship Boys (Ages 15-19)

These tournaments are geared for High School Boys & Girls ages 15-19.  Events are usually 36-holes, but can also be 18, 54 or in the case of the Match Play Championship, play multiple days and rounds each day. High School graduates can compete until the Tour Championship played in early August.


also known as the JuniorTour, they play nearly all their events with the VCJGA Tour

  • Girls 11-14

  • Boys 11-14


These tournaments are geared for Middle School Boys & Girls ages 11-14.  Events are usually 36-holes, but can also be 18 or in the case of the Match Play Championship, play multiple days and rounds each day.  Once you turn age 15, contact the Tour Director about moving to the Championship division.

Mini Tour

  • Girls 8-10 (Play 9-Holes)

  • Boys 8-10 (Play 9-Holes)


  • Girls 10-12 (Play 18-Holes)

  • Boys 10-12 (Play 18-Holes)

This tour is played seperately from the older divisions and tournaments are geared for golfers just beginning the tournament process.  It is important to have a positive start.  Our goal is to prepare your junior golfer to successfully advance to the next step, Boys & Girls 11-14 division of the JuniorTour.

Membership is required to play on the MiniTour.

Determining Age

  • ​​The Age Cutoff Date is April 30th:  If your birthdate is before this date, YOU will be responsible (Player/Parents/Guardian) to change to the next age group prior to your registration in the next tournament after your birthday by contacting the Tour Director.  If your birth date is after this date (April 30), you are eligible to complete the season in your current division.

  • Please contact the Tournament Director if you need help.

  • Playing-Up is when a player in a specific age division moves to the next age division.  This is a privilege that must be thought through carefully.  Example: A 14 year old boy wants to Play-Up from Boys 11-14 division to Championship Boys division.  The Process begins by requesting the Director of Tour Operations in advance and in writing ( to get board approval (This can take up to ten days). 


The following will be considered:

  • Players track record in other tournaments (tours) shows they are capable of being successful at the next level (top-5 finishes and consistent scoring is required) and/or a strong national ranking.  A player that does not have the above credentials will be required to play in the current division such as Boys 11-14 to establish ability.

  • Player displays proper golf etiquette better than average knowledge of the rules of the game; and of VCJGA Tour Policy

  • Player shows maturity and is able to interact in a positive manner with other players; and has displayed a high degree of integrity & sportsmanship.

  • Once a player has been approved to "play-up" they cannot go back to their original age group.

  • A player that changes divisions will loose all points earned in that division; and start over in the new division.

If you're not certain where to place your junior golfer, please call 805-207-4653