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How to Play


Membership is open to all junior golfers from age 8 until the day they begin college. Membership Registration is conducted through and managed by our VCJGA BlueGolf Portal. This is the same portal you will use to register for upcoming tournaments. Link to Registration...


Junior Golfers can play as a non-member to try out the tour at a higher registration fee. Non-members will not receive points towards player of the year and will not receive additional member benefits. We encourage all golfers to want to become members.


The Mini Tour is geared towards the newer golfer to competitive golf (Ages 8-12). The Mini tour is played over 1 day at either 9 holes or 18 holes.

The Junior Tour/Championship Tour (Ages 11-14 & 15-18). This tour hosts 2 day events to test our junior members in a highly competitive environment. 

There are three types of membership:

Mini Tour: $50 per season

Junior Tour: $150 per season

Championship Tour: $150 per season

Membership is subject to approval.

Membership fees are for a Season and are NON-REFUNDABLE. A Season coincides with a school year from September to August.

The VCJGA is a web-based program and all business is conducted online.

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All participants wanting to compete in an event must register through the VCJGA BlueGolf Portal. Please pay attention to when a tournament registration opens and event deadlines. Due to the many of the events high demand each event can only accommodate a predetermined number of players at registration. When the event fills juniors signing up after will be placed on a waiting list. To insure your spot in an event sign up early.


All tournaments are played at scratch (no handicaps); and NO Caddies or motorized carts.

All tournament play is conducted in accordance with the United States Golf Association Rules of Golf. Other important policies that require your attention are:

  • VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character

  • Spectator Code of Conduct

  • Pace of Play Policy

If you have any questions about the USGA Rules of Golf, we encourage you to ask because not knowing of any rule will not change the penalty.


A VCJGA Tour Member is expected to have the basic knowledge and ability and to play a round of golf under the following guidelines:

  • Play and navigate the course without any assistance

  • Maintain a proper Pace of Play ~4 hours & 30 minutes

  • Have a basic understanding of the USGA Rules and etiquette of the game 

  • Uphold the VCJGA Code of Conduct & Character

The VCJGA is not the place for a Junior Golfer to play their first round of golf.

Working with a reputable swing coach will help you to better prepare to play tournament golf. Please see our list of Affiliate PGA Coaches or visit your local golf shop.

To be prepared for tournament play, it is highly advisable that a minimum of ten (10) 18-hole rounds have been played on a regulation course prior to registering for tournament play. This will greatly assist your first tournament golf success and enjoyment.

Tournament golf is challenging, but the experience gained in the VCJGA will make you a better player and over-prepare you for your High School Golf Team.

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VCJGA Liability Policy

Assumption of Risk and Release from Liability

When you register to join the VCJGA, you agree to the following with the VCJGA:

The undersigned hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Ventura County Junior Golf Association and its officers, employees and agents against any and all loss, liability charges and expenses (including attorney fees) and costs whatsoever character which may arise by reason of participation in any program. (The Association does not provide accident, medical, liability, workers’ compensation insurance or any other insurance for program participants.)

As a parent/guardian, I hereby consent to EMERGENCY TREATMENT of my minor child as a result of accident or injury. I further agree to pay any and all cost incurred as a result of said treatment.

I agree to carefully inspect and satisfy for myself that the facilities provided are reasonably safe for their intended use.
Once having conducted the inspection, I agree to expressly assume the risk of participation at the premises. I understand the Association retains the right to use photos taken during activities, for publicity purposes.


1. Tour Policy
2. Code of Conduct & Character
3. Spectator Code of Conduct

4. USGA Rules of Golf; including Pace of Play Policy.

It is up to each member and their parent/guardian to both review and UPHOLD the VCJGA policies and agreements with the AJGA & SCPGA and to understand these agreements can change each January.

Breach of any rule may cause adjustment of division, disqualification from a tournament; up to and including suspension or expulsion from the VCJGA.

Membership is for the current SEASON (September to August).

The above release is part of the Membership Registration process and is agreed upon prior to completing and paying for Membership online.

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Tour Rules & Policies

Player & Spectator Policies

All members and spectators need to be familiar with the VCJGA Rules and Tour Policies. Please review the policies by downloading the document below.



All members of the VCJGA MiniTour should be familiar with our rules and policies for participants and spectators.

AJGA / JGS Rules & Ranking

The VCJGA is dedicated to helping our members grow in the game of golf. To support our members in this journey we offer an avenue to compete at a national level. To learn more click the link.

Pace Of Play

One of the most important aspects of competing with the VCJGA is understanding what is expected of all participants from pace of play. Please read our policy.

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Member Benefits

Membership with the VCJGA has its perks.

  • Reduced Tournament Fees

  • All participants will be offered a free USGA rules book

  • Tournament gifts with participation in select events

  • Ability to compete to participate in the North South Cup

  • Opportunities to compete for JGS national ranking and AJGA Points to earn spots in AJGA events

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How do I know if my child is ready to compete?

To be prepared for tournament play, it is highly advisable that a minimum of ten (10) 18-hole rounds have been played on a regulation course prior to registering for tournament play. This will greatly assist your first tournament golf success and enjoyment.

What is your refund policy?

Tournament Entry Fees are NON REFUNDABLE or TRANSFERABLE for any reason, one week prior to the first round tournament date.

How long does a tournament round take to play?

It depends on the golf course, but most rounds should take no more than 4 hours & 30 minutes. We encourage fast play. See the visit the VCJGA pace of play policy.

When can I register for a tournament?

All tournament registration is conducted on the VCJGA BlueGolf Web Portal. This is also where you can view tournament information, obtain pairings and tee times, and view results. We encourage all everyone to also download the VCJGA BlueGolf App.

Do tournaments get suspended due to weather?

Inclement weather in and of itself is not a reason to cancel a round of golf or an entire golf tournament. Cold or rain are simply course conditions like heat and wind.

We ask that you do not contact the course directly, but rather pay close attention to e-mail for up-to-date information.

Reasons a tournament will be delayed, suspended, or cancelled do to weather:

Unsafe Course Conditions:

  • Fast flowing creeks, overflowing lakes, bridge(s) out, trees falling over, etc.

  • Golf traffic causes unnecessary damage to golf course

    Unsafe Weather Conditions:

  • Thunder storms (lightening)

  • Rain so heavy that it would be unreasonably difficult to require players to continue

  • Winds moving a ball on the putting surface, trees/limbs falling

    Standing Water on Fairways, Greens & Bunkers:

• Too much or large amounts of casual water, especially on greens and fairways making the course impossible to play.

Decisions to delay, suspend, or cancel and event is at the discretion of the tournament committee.

What is the cancellation policy?

The Cancellation deadline is eight (8) days in advance of the first round. If you cancel before the posted deadline, you are entitled to a refund of the entire entry fee, minus a $25 administration/e-commerce fee.

Are distance measuring devices allowed?

Laser Distance measuring devices are allowed as long as they are not using a slope function and are USGA tournament compliant. GPS devices are not allowed.

Are parents allowed to caddy or walk with a participant?

No. Parents are not allowed to caddy or walk with participants. Parents are allowed to spectate during events but must walk in the tree line or cart paths. See spectator policies.

Can spectators rent a cart?

At many of the events parents will be allowed to rent a spectator cart. Carts that are rented are to stay on the cart path at all time. Parents are also always welcome to walk. See Spectator Policies.

Where is registration at events?

At most events registration is conducted on the 1st or 10th hole unless the event is a shotgun start. All participants of the events are responsible to make it to their designated starting hole 5 minutes prior to their tee time to check in. See tournament pages for more information.

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